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Counseling and Preaching services

Dr. Richardson is a renowned preacher and speaker dedicated to providing customized and impactful events, conferences, and presentations for individuals and organizations. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Dr. Richardson's wide range of topics can be tailored to fit the specific needs and context of each appointment.

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Dr. Richardson offers personalized consultations for individuals and organizations seeking guidance and direction in various areas. From strategic planning and vision clarification to church transitions and staff development, Dr. Richardson's expertise and insights can help navigate through challenges and achieve goals. Additionally, Dr. Richardson offers leadership retreats, lay leadership training, crisis management, technology consulting, and more.



In addition to consultations, Dr. Richardson provides professional counseling services for individuals and families dealing with a variety of challenges. Specializing in pre-marital, marriage, pastor-to-pastor, family, bereavement, and crisis counseling, Dr. Richardson offers a compassionate and confidential space for clients to find support and guidance. If long-term counseling is needed, Dr. Richardson has strong relationships with other professionals in the counseling field and can make appropriate referrals.

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Consult with Dr. Richardson

Are you looking for a speaker or counselor for your next event or personal needs? Contact Dr. Richardson to schedule a consultation or counseling appointment today. Let Dr. Richardson's expertise and experience help guide you toward meaningful and transformative solutions.