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Book.Cover. Think on these things

Think on These Things

Daily Inspirations, Meditations, and Affirmations
Every Christian needs to develop a healthy habit of daily meditation and prayer. Finding something to read and focus on each day can be challenging unless guided by a comprehensive diet of carefully selected Scriptures and prayers. This book facilitates that reading and prayer life.


Going Through Samaria

Commentary on Counseling and Culture
The follower of Jesus has to deal with the changing face of today's diverse population. So, how does one effectively witness and assist those who are racially, politically, socially, or religiously different? This book provides the answers and is a must-read!


Book.Cover. Going through Samaria

In the Key of M:

My Life, Lineage, and Legacy as a Musical Evangelist.
"In the Key of M" chronicles the distinguished life and career of megachurch pastor Dr. Walter Thomas Richardson, including his rhetorical skill, musical gifting, and studious nature that manifested opportunities allowing him to help transform his South Florida community. He has been "the first" in many instances throughout his career, such as the first black president of the YMCA in South Dade, Florida. He has interacted with or been commissioned by most of the U.S. presidents since George H. W. Bush to help his community in some form. His legacy in Christian music, ministry, community reform, and social justice are detailed in this book. His hope is that his contributions, many of which are detailed in the book, will become an inspiration so that ambitious young and mature people who want to work in ministry and community endeavors can move forward with more wisdom, understanding, and hope. "In the Key of M" doesn't detail the life of a perfect man, but it does detail the life of a man, Dr. Walter T. Richardson, who has been perfected by his decision to persevere for his family, community, and church. ISBN: 978-1-941716-09-0